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"The only gym exercise at the old Robert Moton was when we had  field day.  We had track and flag relay and dodge ball. Field day was a great day.  Schools from all over Carroll County would come.  We would have teams, and play Volleyball with different teams, and I think most of the time Robert Moton came ahead of the other schools.  We played Hooksville and some of the other schools. It was a big day, an all day thing." Charlotte Franklin



[my favorite game was] volleyball.  I was good at it.  I remember being in the fifth or sixth grade.  The principal at that time, George Crawford, would come over and get about 6 of us girls from the fifth and sixth grade because we were so good to play with the high school girls."  Charlotte Hill Franklin







"I played Basketball.  I started my schooling in 1940.  My sister here (charlotte) and [my other sister] used to tease me, because I had to attend school [at Robert Moton High] for 12 years, they only went 11.  When we got here, we had the equipment.  I was center forward on our basketball team.  I loved it." Katherine Hill Wright







"When I was a cheerleader, we went to North Hagerstown, South Hagerstown, Catonsville.  We had to go with the team to cheer.  We never played any white teams." Midge Thomas







"We were playing segregated schools.  This was before integration.  The only school I played my first year in Robert Moton, other than the black schools was St. John’s Catholic School.  Later on I was able to add a school in Carroll County as they were able to fit [Robert Moton] in their schedules." Sidney Sheppard





"I didn’t win any trophies [while at Robert Moton High School].  They weren’t passing out trophies." Sidney Sheppard 




"We had a good team, and we were competitive.  Robert Moton was one of the smallest high schools in the state of Maryland.  Every school we played was larger than we were, had more students, which meant they had an opportunity to get better players, but we were competitive.  We had some rewarding wins.  We went up to Frederick and played Lincoln high school, and we came away with the win.  For Robert Moton to beat Lincoln high school in Frederick would be just like if McDaniel were to beat University of Maryland College Park.  There was that much difference in the programs or the size of the schools.  When I finished Robert Moton [however] we didn’t have a physical education program.  We didn’t have a basketball team." Gary Hudson







"We played softball, soccer, cross country, and track.  The only high school in Carroll County that had football was Westminster High School.  The only black high school in the state of Maryland outside of the schools in Baltimore city that had football was Bates High school in Annapolis.  Football wasn’t a big thing in the black high schools in the state of Maryland at that time." Sidney Sheppard







"There were some teams that I enjoyed beating more than the others.  I had a good friend who was the coach at Havre de Grace Consolidated, so I took pleasure in beating him  when we went up to Havre de Grace.  I had worked at Robert Moton High school in Easton MD before I came here.  Easton had one of the best basketball teams for black high schools in the state of Maryland outside of Baltimore city.  The coach invited me to bring my team [to play in their new gymnasium], and they beat us terribly.  Robert Moton High School in Easton won the state championship for several years.  That same year, we invited them to a return game, and we beat them.  That was one of the greatest wins.  We beat them in sudden death overtime.  Basketball games don’t end in a tie.  If, at the end of the playing time, the score is tied, you have a five-minute overtime.  At the end of the five-minute overtime, if the score is still tied, you have another five-minute overtime.  At the end of the second overtime, if it was still tied, so you had a three-minute overtime.  We ended the three minute overtime and we were still tied.   The referee said to play sudden death, the first team to get two points ahead will win.  At the end of the sudden death overtime, we were leading by 1 point, so we were declared the winners.  That was my biggest win.  The Robert Moton High School in Easton had three times the number of students that the Robert Moton High School in Westminster had.  That team we beat went on to win the state championship for the next 4 or 5 years.  That was one of my biggest wins.  Plus the coach was a good friend of mine."  Sidney Sheppard




"The first trip [with my basketball team] I took, it cost us $40 for the bus.  We went to Central Consolidated in Bel Air and that was a school bus.  Later on, we were traveling in a motor coach.  It had a radio, heat, air conditioning.  So we were traveling in style.  Whether you know it or not, Physical Education in Carroll County at that time had to pay for itself.  The board of Education didn’t give us any money for athletics, so we had to make enough money to hire a bus.  I had to make enough money to pay for officials.  We charged admission at the door.  We sold hot dogs and sodas at a concession stand.  We sold tickets to the athletic association to become a member.  That would get you into home basketball games at a reduced fee.  Every Thursday we had a recreation night.  We played records and sold hot dogs and sodas.  That’s some of the ways we earned money." Sidney Sheppard




"In order to travel, we had to get a bus.  If we had a 40 passenger bus, I carried about 25 students.  We sold the extra tickets.  If I had a good crowd of people who wanted to buy tickets, I would take 5 boys off the bus and put them in my car.  I would sell those 5 tickets, and drive my car to wherever we were playing." Sidney Sheppard


“The principal at that time, George Crawford, would come over and get about 6 of us girls from the fifth and sixth grade because we were so good to play with the high school girls.” – Kitty Wright


"Well, we had a basketball team, a soccer team, the girls had a volleyball team…I came to Robert Moton in 1957 and I graduated in 1961.  I ran the track team, and we had the basketball team—they were almost like the Harlem Globetrotters, they used to say…they were that good.  And on the soccer team, we won one game—that was a thrill for us, because we won a  soccer game." William Hudson





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