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Paula Cook

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“To educate the children with nothing and getting them to become promising adults was awesome.”
“They were blessed with good parents”
 Paula Cook
“Sometimes things weren’t so nice because kids were mean to you because of the color of your skin, and that was very difficult because you had no control of the color of your skin”
“The teachers were dedicated you had to learn.”
“Parents really put their hearts and soul into making sure that their children make it”
“The whole community raised each others children”
“Back in the day parents were there together to see their children become successful and that’s a great loss today”
“It wasn’t about who your mother or your father was in the community like teachers your neighbors were involved in making sure that you were safe”
“I’m proud of being part of a community that has come so far”
“I wish that people would be treated by the person that they are and not by the color of there skin, not the gender that they may be but to be able to be really respected for who they are”
“I think that if anyone has it in there heart to try for something and do there best there’s nothing that’s impossible.”
“Be proud of who you are and love what you’ve com from and be your best.”

View the video interview for Paula Cook at the Carroll County History Project website, "Carroll County - Through the Eyes of the Black Experience": http://carrollhistory.org/tebe.html




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