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Page history last edited by Gayle Sands 13 years, 5 months ago

The Robert Moton Project...



Have you ever wandered past a row of old photographs, and wondered what the story was behind those faces? Who are they?  What could we learn from those people gazing into the camera? The Robert Moton High School project started with questions about a row of pictures in the hall of the Carroll County Parks and Recreation office building. This building was the home of Robert Moton High School (Carroll County, MD) which was the only high school for Carroll County  students of color until 1964, when its last students were integrated into their home-area high schools.


This website honors the students who walked the halls of Robert Moton High School.  The photos on the wall of the Robert Moton Building are a treasure trove of memories.   In order to preserve these memories, a small group of 6th graders at Northwest Middle School interviewed Robert Moton's former students.   We are proud to share Robert Moton's history with you.  It is appropriate that today’s young people tell this story of yesterday’s students so that this generation may know what the generations before have accomplished.  It is with the highest respect that we honor the memory of Robert Moton High School.


Gayle Sands

6th Grade RLA Teacher

Northwest Middle School

Taneytown, MD


(For additional information, contact Gayle at gjsands@carrollk12.org)



Assistant Superintendent's Comments


The students, teachers, and staff of Robert Moton High School bear witness to a significant period in the history of Carroll County, Maryland, and the United States.  Their school operated in an era of transition in our country, from a time when "separate but equal" was the law of the land to a time when civil rights for all regardless of skin color trumped that discriminatory practice.


It is important to study the history of our great country and county, for our roots are what form the foundation of our present and future growth.  The students and educators of Robert Moton High School have a lot to teach us about education.  No where in our history can you find individuals more committed to a quality education than those in the RMHS community.  Today, we honor those students, their families, and the teachers and staff of Robert Moton High School for the value they placed on education.  They understood that a solid education was a key to their future success.


My sincere thanks and commendation to Mrs. Sands and her students for their work to research and tell the stories of the students of RMHS.  Mrs. Sands' group of young historians did an outstanding job of producing this website to help us remember and learn from this important part of Carroll County history.


Steve Johnson

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

Carroll County Public Schools


About this Project:


The Gifted and Talented program is an integral part of the school experience for selected elementary students.  This year, Northwest Middle School continued this enrichment experience through an exciting and authentic research project.  Twelve sixth grade students  worked together with their teacher to develop the background knowledge, interview techniques, and the technical skills necessary to create an original website (WIKI).   Their WIKI documents the rich, unreported history of Robert Moton High School, the only segregated high school in Carroll County and demonstrates the value of primary source research in today's learning environment.



Northwest Middle School Student Historians 


Note: This wiki was last updated in 2009 but it will be retained for informational purposes only as of December, 2010. If you have questions, you can contact Ms. Sands at the email address above or Paula Sandridge at pjsandr@carrollk12.org.



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