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The Robert Moton High School Project

Carroll County, Maryland

last updated 5/2009



Robert Moton High School



"The only way out of our situation was education"

Bill Dixon, President of The Former Students and Friends of Robert Moton High School



Robert Moton High School Alma Mater 


Our love is with you, Moton High. 

Some leave, but with you we'll abide. 

We're proud to be with you nine until three. 

And our memory of you will eternally be. 

Four years we are here in your arms. 

We  learn and we come to no harm. 

So as years will go by, we'll face you with a smile 

For we love you, dear Moton High. 


Author: Leah Hill Wright, Class of 1952



Robert Moton High School's students valued their education, and worked hard to get it.  They came from all corners of the county, some traveling as many as two hours each way on a used school bus purchased from Carroll County by the school’s PTA.   


The educators were dedicated, teaching from used books handed down from local high schools and demanding the utmost from their students.  Their lack of materials did not provide an excuse for low expectations.   Students were held to the highest standards in their academics and in their behavior.  Robert Moton High School was a place of excellence.  It served its members well.  This is THEIR story.




Use the Table of Contents below or the SideBar to the right to navigate through the website.


Table of Contents


I. About this Project


II. Interview Summaries with Former Students of RMHS


III.  Video Interviews - the Carroll County History Project


IV.  Robert Moton High School History


V. Robert Moton High School Senior Class Portraits


VI. Other



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